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Family Issues -

It is a universal fact that no two horoscopes read alike. Even siblings whether normal or twins also reflect dissimilar birth charts. This simply translates into individuals possessing varying temperament, habits, behaviours, likes and dislikes. In spite of such disparity most of the families live in harmony. Some of the binding factors are love and understanding.

However, not everyone is fortunate. There are individuals who face family and relationships problems. At home it could be brother, sister, parents, spouse or children, and outside it could be workplace or friends.

Bad relationships often lead to tension, disharmony, angst and ill feelings towards others. However, this negative energy could also consume the individual. It could lead to breakups, loss of job, social boycott, etc.

One of the ways to overcome this hurdle is to seek advice from a renowned astrologer such as Shri. Pandit Suvashit Raj. Astrologers typically refer time, date and place of birth to analyse the reason for discord in relationships. Many a times simple remedies such as strengthening the weak planets and or initiating Graha Shanti Puja to negate the bad effects of certain malefic planets works wonders.

However, at times, it may require advanced remedies such as Havan, which is to be strictly performed by a learned entity such as a family Guru or Pandit who is well versed with Vedic scriptures. After the end of Havan the said Pandit then offers counselling to the family members for improving relationships further.

In Vedic astrology the Sun represents father, Moon a Mother's shadow, younger siblings ( Brother & Sister) are typically read in terms of Mars and Mercury, and Jupiter is represented by elder brother.

Here are some easy to initiate remedies for increasing love, driving away negative energies from home and fortifying relationships.

  • 1. Yantra - It offers respite from several ailments. It brings in peace, and positive energy which simply means less friction or fights.
  • 2. Puja - Arranging Shanti Puja regularly through the hands of Pandit drives away bad forces and rings in peace and prosperity in the family.

Even improper Vastu or Vastu Dosh could cause breakups and angst in relationships. It should be resolved accordingly for a tranquil ambience within family and between family members.

Child Birth Issue

Hindu Dharma is based on the principles of four important goals of human life ( Purusartha ). These are called Ashramas or Ashrama System. It is a concept or one can also call it Hindu philosophy which teaches the four stages of life which every individual needs to go through to attain Purusartha or completeness. These are -

  • Brahmacharya
  • Grihastha
  • Vanaprastha
  • Sannyasa

Interestingly, stepping into the family life is a part of Grihastha Ashrama. It is a period in human life when he / she enter into a new relationship called marriage, a scared ritual which is the beginning of this phase.

Incidentally, a family or Grihastha Ashrama is incomplete without a child. However, child birth is not a default culmination but a privilege and a blessing. In Vedic astrology, there is specific house designated for child birth. Even if the house is favourable the other factors such as planetary placement, Dosh, ascendency and genetic / biological blueprint play an important role in being blessed with a child.

Vedic astrology believes that childbirth issue begins with the man, and therefore his horoscope needs to be scanned first, for Dasha and passing of planets through various houses. As mentioned earlier, 5th house is responsible for child birth and any fault here results in Putra Dosh because the 5th house also carriers the ledger of good and bad deeds of the previous life.

While examining the horoscope of the man, an astrologer typically concentrates on the 5th house and 5th Lord from several planets such as Moon, Jupiter and Lagna and Saptamsha. A woman's horoscope is analysed from conception point of view. Whether the couple will be blessed with a son or a daughter is also dependent on the placement of planets in various houses.

Child birth issue could also be genetic which is called denial of “Blessing”.